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Dipl.-Math. Maik Hesse


Maik is a doctoral candidate at the Chair of Trust in Digital Services in the Faculty of Economics and Management at TU Berlin. He is a Mathematician by background and holds a diploma (master's degree equivalent) with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Cologne and from graduate studies in the United States (California State University).

Prior to joining the TDS team, Maik has gained experience as a consultant at strategy&, the strategy consulting arm within the PwC network of firms. He focused on topics around digital strategy and transformation, supporting his clients in defining innovative business models and building prototypes by leveraging disruptive technologies.


Maik's main focus of research is in the area of trust and reputation in digital platform ecosystems. He is particularly interested in digital identity management across online platforms and the opportunities and future business models resulting from the aggregation and portability of acquired reputation. in this context, he is also investigating the influence of blockchain technology on online identity and reputation.


Hesse, M., Lutz, O., Adam, M. T. P., Teubner, T. (2020). Gazing at the stars: How signal discrepancy affects purchase intentions and cognition. In ICIS 2020 Proceedings, pp. 1-9. online

Hesse, M., Teubner, T. (2020). Reputation portability — quo vadis? Electronic Markets 30(2), pp. 331–349. online

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Hesse, M., Dann, D., Braesemann, F., Teubner, T. (2020). Understanding the platform economy: Signals, trust, and social interaction. In HICSS 2020 Proceedings, pp. 5139–5148. online


Maik Hesse
Trust in Digital Services
Technische Universität Berlin
Sekr. EN17
10587 Berlin

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