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M.Sc. Florence Jaouat (born Klement)


M.Sc. Florence Jaouat is a research associate and doctoral candidate at the Chair of Trust in Digital Services in the Faculty of Economics and Management at TU Berlin. She is an Industrial Engineer by background and holds a dual master’s degree from TU Berlin and Toulouse Business School.


Having worked at Companisto, Florence's main interest of research is in the area of trust in Equity Crowdfunding (Crowdinvesting). Crowdinvesting is an Internet-based finance and investment tool that enables companies to acquire mezzanine capital from a large number of individual (small) investors - the „crowd“ - through an intermediary platform.


Klement. F., Teubner, T. (2019). Trust isn't blind: Exploring visual investor cues in equity crowdfunding. In ICIS 2019 Proceedings, pp. 1-9. online


Florence Jaouat (born Klement)
Trust in Digital Services
Technische Universität Berlin
Sekr. EN17
10587 Berlin

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